An ONO brass sink should not be brushed. Following the cleaning / maintenance instructions below, the ONO sink will be beautiful in more than 10 years.

1: Add a little vinegar to the dishwashing water as for a steel sink. The vinegar ensures that there are no lime stains on the brass which will remove the luster.

2: Do not leave food in the sink after use; they will make brown spots in the long run. Stains can be removed either with pure lemon juice or with citric acid mixed with hot water. If the accident has occurred you can grind with a fine grain grinding block (grain size approx. 700). The mess is scratched, but it smooths after a few days.

3: After daily use, clean and wash the sink.

Brass is a mixture of copper and zinc and can not rust.

It is said that bacteria can not live on brass and that this was the reason why hospitals previously had doorhandles of brass. This is not scientifically proven, but is thoughtful. The fact is that algae can not live on brass.

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