ONO has been producing solid, hand-crafted, rectangular brass sinks since 2003. We make standard and customized sinks. Produced in Denmark and sold globally, we are proud to offer a product where high quality matches the unique Scandinavian design. Our sinks have an indefinable beauty that a mass-produced product can never achieve. We value time-honored virtues and traditions, especially concerning the washing-up area.

When you invest in a brass sink from ONO, you get a product that is virtually indestructible and will never need polishing. With proper care ONO brass sinks will develop their distinctive deep golden patina, with a vibrant and changing look.

We also produce browned brass sinks and copper sinks. Over time, copper develops an even deeper glow than brass, and we can offer a special coating for the faucet so that all parts of the sink area are matched in hue.

Material thickness is 2 mm and the tolerance is from 0 to 1 mm, due to the size of the sink.



1:  The rim of the sink is glued to the underside of the countertop, so that only the vertical sides of the sink are visible (see pictures), and the countertop edges meet the vertical walls of the sink. This method is called under mounting.

2:  Sink with narrow or wide rim for fitting directly on and in the countertop, creating a 2 mm (material thickness) step from sink rim to countertop. This is the simplest fitting method.

3:  The rim of the sink can be glued in flush with the countertop. Crumbs and debris will be easily swept into the sink. This method is called flush mounting.

4:  Sink with high rim placed on top of the kitchen table, generally with a height of 2-4 cm. This type of sink is mounted from inside the cabinet, and fitting tools are included with this sink. Be aware of an adequate installation height for this type of sink.

5:  A full-width sink extends from the wall to front edge, customized to the height and thickness of the countertop. This type of sink is fitted directly on the base cabinet and is flush with the countertop in length, width, and height.

Our strainer drain and beautiful solid drain plug are both manufactured in brass. The circular strainer is centered at the bottom of the sink, with a slight depth of 2 to 3 mm. Food waste is removed more easily horizontally, compared to many standard drains that have a deep indent.

Four channel grooves guide the water flow towards the drain. The overflow is fitted with a countersunk brass screw.

Delivery time is 3-4 weeks.